Change to Unity

For some time now, we were developping our nifty game with the Ogre Rendering framework, as it was free and the team had a lot of experience in it, altough it was mainly in its C# wrapped version, MOGRE.
It everything was actually working out, but there were a lot of things slowing down the process.

  • C++ its a fast and powerfull language, however, the production cycle and debugging is a bit painfull and slow, and everything must be done with extreme caution. This is extremely good for your programming chops, but tends to slow things down a lot.
  • Ogre is a really good and well designed framework, it is not, however, specially designed for games, and this makes you have to use different systems for sound, input, physics, … this is a really good design decision from OGRE, but for us, a really small development team, we are loosing time that its very precious for us right now.
  • Also, we are mainly developing in Windows, and each time we want to run the current version on the IOS test devices, we always had to lose a lot of time in the change.
  • The asset workflow in Ogre is a bit slow.

So, combined with a recent promotion of Unity, that basically offered the IOS and Android publishing licences, we made the decision to make the switch. This actually made us set back to ground zero, and redesign a lot of things, but we hope that the changes payoff in the future.

And thats it. We will keep you posted to see if this was a really good decision, or did we did we just fucked up a lot :)

Best Wishes

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